S2-2 Sensor Box

– The S2-2 SensorBox is specially designed for the diagnosis / simulation of sensor faults.

– Mainly contains “Sensor”, ” Actuator”, “Defines / Draws”, “Timing Waveform” and ” Multimeter”.

– The module can only be used together with LAUNCH specific diagnostic tools.

O2-1 ScopeBox

– The ScopeBox detects faulty / irregular signals for curve analysis.

– The analysis can be used to detect various defects, e.g. in sensors, actuators and circuits.

– 4-channel oscilloscope

– Gain valuable time in vehicle diagnostics and save costs for unnecessarily replaced components


– The LAUNCH BST-360 is a Bluetooth battery tester that is suitable for both technicians and end users

– It has an advanced conductance test function that measures the accurate cold start current capacity of the vehicle’s battery

– The device provides a battery condition indicator and an overall indicator for the vehicle’s starting and charging system


– TWT-100 is a new professional multi-function trolley for diagnostic equipment, battery chargers, oscilloscopes and much more.

– Ideal for use in the workshop in combination with the LAUNCH Flashpower product

– The multifunction trolley offers the comfort and flexibility for daily work in a workshop

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