TLT-632 AF

The TLT-632 AF is a powerful scissor lift with a mechanical tilt lever system. Designed in accordance with international requirements and safety standards, as well as CE certified build quality. 

TLT-632 AF

With a max. lifting weight of 3.2 t, the double scissor lift can cope with almost any car or van. Thanks to its compact design and low drive-over height, the TLT-632 AF lift is also ideal for sports cars and low-lying vehicles.


Technical Data

Lifting Capacity
3.200 kg

Lifting Height
110 - 1.990 mm

Min. Lifting Height
110 mm

Runway Length / Width
1.460 / 2.060 x 620 mm

820 kg

Oil Quantity
12 l

Lifting / Lowering Time
≤ 60s / ≤ 20s

Motor Power
2,2 kW