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The LAUNCH database packages powered by HaynesPro support technicians in identifying, locating and solving faults on cars and trucks and contain comprehensive repair and maintenance information to reduce the time spent in your professional workshop. The database packages are modular and pre-embedded in our new professional X-431 diagnostic units. The LAUNCH database solutions CarSET PRO and CarSET Ultimate offer not only a broad vehicle coverage, but also optimal support for fault analysis on the vehicle.

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CarSET Pro (Car)

The new LAUNCH PRO database package includes many essential features for the workshop. The CarSET PRO database provides instant access to a wide range of Technical Service Bulletins (TSBs), as well as links to fault codes and related case descriptions in original equipment manufacturer (OEM) quality. In addition, it includes tried-and-tested problem solutions and tips as well as guided vehicle diagnostics. The CarSET PRO database also offers wiring diagrams, installation locations and fault code information for all vehicle systems (engine management system, ABS, ESP, air conditioning). The database includes all common data from European and US vehicle manufacturers and is continuously being further developed.

Ultimate (Car or Truck)

The LAUNCH Ultimate database package consists of the components Electronics, Tech and Smart. The optimal complete package for your professional workshop! Helps technicians reduce the time spent troubleshooting common faults and includes OEM Technical Service Bulletins (TSBs) and recalls.

Get all the content you need to efficiently deal with various challenges within the automotive aftermarket.

Benefits Database

The LAUNCH electronics database supports technicians in identifying, locating and solving faults in electrical systems and components. With the help of intelligent data applications, such as the Vehicle Electronics Smart Assistant, a guided fault analysis is thus possible.


  • Vehicle Electronics Smart Assistant (guided vehicle diagnostics)
  • Comprehensive and detailed insight into wiring diagrams
  • Information on fuses and relays

The LAUNCH Tech database contains extensive vehicle identification, repair and maintenance information, all at your fingertips. Here you will find technical information, repair manuals, technical drawings and much more.

  • Identification data
  • Maintenance
  • Setting data
  • Lubricants and operating fluids
  • Recalls
  • Working values

The LAUNCH Smart database enables technicians to significantly reduce the time needed to troubleshoot common faults. Using OEM Technical Service Bulletins (TSBs) and recall data, the LAUNCH Smart Database provides additional troubleshooting information.


  • Known fixes and tips
  • Technical Service Bulletins
  • Recalls
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