The LAUNCH Europe CloudPrint platform enables you to retrieve service reports quickly and easily in your workshop online via cloud solution. The diagnostic reports of your LAUNCH X-431 diagnostic devices are synchronised online with the help of our CloudPrint platform. This not only saves time, but also simplifies the filing and organisation of your workshop. You can access the CloudPrint platform at any time from any device, such as a smartphone, tablet or laptop, and export reports as PDF, CSV or ZIP files. The practical filter options help you to find and access diagnostic reports quickly and easily.

How it works

LAUNCH Europe CloudPrint Platform Process
LAUNCH Europe CloudPrint Platform Process Mobile

Generate diagnostic report

Login to the CloudPrint Platform

Export and print diagnostic reports

CloudPrint Platform Benefits



Access the service history of all vehicles whenever you want, so you always know what work has already been carried out in the past.


Filter Function

The filters shown in the CloudPrint portal help you to find and access the desired report quickly and easily. Filter options include: Car manufacturer, date, system DTC or serial number of the diagnostic device.


All Devices in one Cloud

One Platform – all devices – all reports. With the LAUNCH CloudPrint Platform, all of your workshop’s diagnostic devices are automatically synchronised with the cloud and readout reports are uploaded without any further action.


Export Function

Access the service history of all vehicles whenever you want and use the option to export the report as a CSV, PDF or ZIP file with just a few clicks.


Retrievable At All Times

All relevant documents can be called up at any time. Your service employee in the office can call up the report while your technician continues to work on the vehicle.


Everything at a glance

Provide maximum service to your customers to stay ahead of your competition. All reports from all your diagnostic devices are collected and synchronised in the cloud for you.