Vehicle diagnostics for workshop professionals

Vehicle diagnostics for
workshop professionals

Vehicle diagnostics for workshop professionals

With over 20 years of experience, LAUNCH is one of the leading manufacturers in professional vehicle diagnostics with the X-431 Series. Our smart X-431 Series workshop tablets convince with their wide vehicle coverage paired with a high test depth. Our X-431 App offers you weekly updates and thus guarantees a constantly growing diagnostic scope.

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Intuitive Operation

The clear menu structure of our diagnostic app guides every user quickly to his destination. All steps are conveniently completed through touch screen with one-finger operation. A modern Android operating system ensures a smooth program flow.

Automatic Vehicle Recognition

With intelligent diagnostics, you can identify vehicles without having to select a manufacturer beforehand. With our specially developed VIN decoding process, our diagnostic app recognises the vehicle manufacturer or model fully automatically. A manual type selection is no longer necessary.


Recording and Playback of the Parameters

Our integrated recording function helps with sporadic errors that only occur under certain driving conditions. All marked parameters of a control unit can be stored over a longer period with a single click. Due to the integrated playback function it can be used for immediate evaluation.

Freeze Frame

Check the parameters and time after a stored error occurs. Most manufacturers currently store all information such as temperature, speed, velocity and time in the event memory of a control unit.

Maintenance Menu of Relevant Service Functions

In our maintenance menu, a service interval can be reset with a few clicks, new batteries can be relearned or a throttle valve can be reset. This is supported by an automatic vehicle identification and simple menu navigation, which brings every user to their destination quickly.

Wide Vehicle Coverage for Maximal Diagnostics

Whether volume vehicles or luxury cars, with the X-431 Series you can handle a wide range of your customer fleet, from VW Golf to Porsche Cayenne. In particular with vehicle models from Far Eastern manufacturers such as Honda, Kia, Nissan, Toyota or even Lexus.

ADAS Calibration

After replacing a windscreen or bodywork, the sensors of the vehicle assistance systems often have to be recalibrated. Adapted to our new calibration set X-431 ADAS PRO, you now have the possibility to recalibrate the lane departure warning system, distance radar or the rear view camera with our diagnostic software.

Updates at Fair Prices

With your X-431 workshop tablet, you will always automatically receive an update package without any further contractual obligation. You can always purchase your updates according to your personal needs, even if you haven’t updated it for some time.

Supports During Fault Diagnostics and Service Work

Our extensive LAUNCH CarSET database supports you in all workshop work. Whether guided fault diagnosis with circuit diagrams, repair data or torque values. Thanks to our permanent maintenance you are always up to date and also informed about current manufacturer recall actions.

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