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KWB-621 FastSpin

The KWB-621 Fast Spin premium line wheel balancer provides a highly precise measurements with an easy and user-friendly operation process containing many advanced program functions specially for alloy rims.

TWC-621 NoLever

The TWC-621 NoLever from our premium line is a tyre changer, designed for effortless ergonomic working and runs with all range of tyres especially for run-flat and low-profile tyres. With a pneumatic tilting column and a sturdy reinforced body chassis the machine is a perfect choice for any workshop to keep up high quality and a smooth workflow.

KWB-521 EasySpin

The KWB-521 EasySpin is a balancing machine with high accuracy and many improved functions primarily for aluminium rims. Three parameters can be recognised and measured semi automatically. 

TWC-521 Lever

The TWC-521 is a robust tyre changer with flexible mechanisms and options. It is equipped with high quality electronic and pneumatic parts, ensuring high reliability. The strong hydraulic unit ensures effortless mounting even of complicated tyres. The pneumatic tiltable mounting arm facilitates and speeds up mounting.

X-861 3D Touch Wheel Aligner

The X-861 is a 3D wheel aligner from LAUNCH. Due to the high measuring accuracy and the well-explained instructions, wheel alignment with the X-861 is quick and easy. 

Pilot TPMS and RF-Sensor

The Pilot TPMS is a tyre service device with extended diagnostic functions, general special functions such as TPMS sensor activation, TPMS sensor detection and TPMS sensor programming (LAUNCH RF-Sensor). Tyre sensors can be read out via low and high frequency signals and the TPMS control unit can be read out via the OBD interface. 


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