Diagnostic tools for semi-professionals and hobby mechanics

The Creader Professional Series consists of three diagnostic testers. They can read and clear the error memory and also have the most frequently used service resets.

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Wide vehicle model coverage

With the Creader Professional Series you are able to cover a large part of your customer fleet, from VW Golf to Porsche Cayenne. The Creader Series is particularly suitable for vehicle models from Far Eastern manufacturers such as Honda, Kia, Nissan, Toyota or even Lexus.

Intuitive operation due to touch screen

The clear menu structure of our diagnostic app guides every user quickly to his objective. All steps are conveniently carried out by means of a large touch screen with one-finger operation. A modern Android operating system ensures a smooth program flow.

Updates for fair prices

With the Creader Professional MOT III workshop tablet, you will always automatically receive a 2-year software update package without any further contractual obligation. After the 2 years have expired, you can purchase your update according to your personal requirements. The Creader Professional 129 EVO includes permanent unlimited software updates.

Maintenance menu of relevant service functions

In our maintenance menu, a service interval can be reset, batteries can be relearned or a throttle valve can be reset with a few clicks.