Software Renewal Card / Security Gateway

Software Renewal Card / Security Gateway

Software Updates

With the Software Update Card it is possible to update the software of diagnostic devices of the X431 -and Creader Professional Series from LAUNCH easily and quickly.  The update card can be purchased in stock to be sent quickly and efficiently on request. The runtime only starts after the card has been activated.

Renewal Card Types

X-431 Series / Creader Professional Series

1 Year Update / Passenger Car

For X-431 Series

1 Year Update / Passenger Car

For Creader Professional Series and TPMS

Creader MOT II


1 Year Update / Truck

For X-431 EURO PRO HD+ / HD BOX 3

2 Years Update / PKW

For X-431 EURO PRO Series

X-431 Euro Pro 5

Software Renewal Card Activation

Quick and easy

Security Gateway

FCA Group License

LAUNCH Europe offers its customers the complete vehicle diagnostic FCA Group (Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Abarth, Chrysler, Lancia, Dodge & Jeep) license to access vehicles where the car manufacturers have implemented a Security Gateway Module (SGW) to protect against cyber attacks. This SGW Module partially prevents access to vehicle data and control units. Therefore with the purchase of an official manufacturer license, this Security Gateway can be accessed. The diagnosis can be carried out with the LAUNCH X-431 EURO PRO 5, as well as the X-431 TAB II.

1 Year SGW / FCA License

For High-End X-431 Devices

SecurityGateWay / FCA License
High-End X-431 Devices