Intelligent, digital power supply

Intelligent, digital power supply

The ELA320 is an intelligent, digital power supply designed for the maintenance of vehicles with high-voltage batteries. It is suitable for servicing and testing high and low voltage electrical components including electric air conditioning compressors, DC/DC modules, PCT heaters, electronic fans and power steering pumps.

Independent protection mechanism

in conjunction with X-431 Euro TAB III

Wireless control

High-voltage and low-voltage circuits

The high and low voltage circuits are separately fused and can be operated separately. Circuits can be managed, maintained and monitored separately.

Wireless control of synchronised operation

Wireless control of synchronised operation via Bluetooth with the X-431 EURO TAB III. When the unit is connected, the current power supply mode, high/low voltage output conditions, setting parameters and other data are synchronised in real time.

Independent protection mechanism

For the input circuit, the high voltage output circuit and the low voltage output circuit. The system detects faults such as undervoltage, overvoltage, overcurrent, short circuit and initiates the appropriate protective measures. In addition, an audible alarm is triggered in the event of a fault.

Technical Profile


Output Voltage

Output Current


8 Segment LED Display


Bluetooth (BLE 4.2)

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