Airtightness tester

Airtightness tester

The ELT500 is an extremely precise, non-destructive device for checking air leaks. It mainly uses compressed air to check vehicles with high-voltage batteries for leaks. Once a stable pressure is reached in the vehicle’s high-voltage battery, the ELT500 automatically initiates the maintenance phase. Using its highly sensitive pressure sensor, any changes in the holding or maintenance pressure within the high-voltage battery are detected and displayed on the LCD screen. To identify leaks, the ELT500 uses a differential pressure measurement method.

High Reliability

Intelligent operating mode

High Precision

High sensitivity

The highly sensitive pressure sensor technology significantly improves test accuracy and stability.

Process visualisation

The progress time of each phase of the test process can be displayed on the screen.

Double display of the pressure value

Real time display of the pressure scale and the pressure curve of the process.

Parameter management

Real time display of the pressure scale and the pressure curve of the process.

Setting the parameters

Parameters such as number of parts, volume, pressure, time of each stage and leakage limit can be preset.

Intelligent alarm

The unit will give an audible and visual alarm if the test is abnormal or fails.

Technical Profile

Electrical Requirement

AC 220 V

Sensor Resolution

1 Pa


RS-232 / USB


±5% FS

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