Professional charger and discharger

The Launch EV ELP400 is a professional battery charging and discharging device based on the latest technology. It is optimised for the specific characteristics of lead-acid and lithium-iron batteries and offers a range of test and maintenance functions. These are suitable for a wide range of applications, including discharge, charge, and cyclic charge and discharge tests suitable for various lead-acid and lithium-iron batteries available on the market.

Safe Charging and discharging

battery capacity optimisation

intelligent cell string

overcharge and discharge protection

Diversified setting possibilities

It allows you to set the total charge time, constant voltage time, charge capacity and charge current. This allows you to vary the charge current.

High-quality materials

High-quality original aeronautical materials, combined with modern and advanced control technology, are used to ensure smooth operation.

Operating rules

Free charge and discharge rules can be set, as well as activation times, to ensure and improve battery capacity.

Alarm conditions

Set various alarm conditions for abnormal voltage, current and temperature to allow early intervention to ensure the safety of the for early intervention and ensure the safety of the battery and the unit.

Highest/lowest voltage detection

It supports the acquisition of high/low voltage, temperature and other data from a single battery string.

The data is displayed on the screen in the form of a bar graph, a report and a graph that can be zoomed in/out locally for easy viewing.

Safety functions

The ELP400 has various protection functions such as overvoltage, undervoltage, overcurrent, short circuit, reverse polarity and overtemperature protection, overvoltage, undercurrent, output short circuit, reverse polarity and overtemperature protection, all of which contribute to the safety of the operator.

Technical Profile

Charging and Discharging Performance

max. 600 W

Battery Interface

16 Pin, 24 Pin


2 x 12


7″ LCD


WLAN, Bluetooth

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