EV Battery Cell Equaliser

EV Battery Cell Equaliser

Our high-voltage battery cell equaliser is an extremely useful tool that allows you to test, charge and discharge individual cells. It offers you the possibility to bring the voltages of all cells to a uniform level.

SAfe charging and discharging

overcharge and discharge protection

intelligent cell check

Uniform charging or discharging of the cells

Overcharge or overdischarge

Effectively prevents overcharging or overdischarging of any cell in the HV module.

Charge and discharge equalisation

Independent channel design that detects and uniformly charges or discharges the cells in the module. When charging or discharging, it ensures that no cell in the module is overcharged or overdischarged.

Safety protection function

Protection against overvoltage, undervoltage, overcurrent, short circuit and reverse polarity protection.

Equilibrium maintenance present

The balance maintenance parameters can be set as required. This allows the balance to be quickly maintained according to the current parameters.

Technical Profile

Battery Interface

16 Pin, 24 Pin


2 x 12


2 modules, 12 battery strings

Charging Mode / Discharging Mode

Constant current + voltage charging

Constant current + voltage discharge


USB, WLAN, Bluetooth

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