2-channel oscilloscope and multimeter

LAUNCH Europe’s EM101 is an innovative dual tool that combines the functionality of an oscilloscope and a multimeter in a single unit. Ideal for measuring current, voltage and resistance in vehicles with high-voltage batteries, it offers both wired and wireless communication options in conjunction with the X-431 EURO TAB 3. Its ease of use makes the EM101 the first choice for car repair shops and their professionals.

Combination of 2-channel oscilloscope and multimeter

compatible with X-431 Euro TAB III

wireless communication possible

Versatile use

Combination of 2-channel oscilloscope and multimeter.

Scope of delivery

Sets of needles, multimeter pins, alligator clips, test leads for the oscilloscope channels, etc. are included in the scope of delivery.

Non-slip protection

Non-slip silicone cover for added product protection.

Can be combined with X-431 EURO TAB III diagnostic units

The X-431 EURO TAB III diagnostic unit has three display modes that can be freely selected.


The EM101 can be used in wireless mode or it can be used in wired mode with the LAUNCH X-431 EURO TAB III.

Technical Profile


3.100 mAh


2 analog channels

Trigger Type

Edge trigger, pulse width trigger

Max. Real-Time Sampling Rate

50 MHz / s

Scanning Mode

Normal, peak detection, average

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