The EG100 is a current and voltage tester specially designed for vehicles with a high-voltage battery. It is capable of performing DC voltage, DC and AC voltage tests. The current clamp of the EG100 is characterised by its compact design, high accuracy and excellent stability.

Simultaneous measurement of current and voltage possible

display of current and voltage curves

high measuring accuracy

Acquisition of current and voltage

Simultaneous current and voltage detection. Voltage detection is added to the current detection function.


The appropriate range is automatically selected depending on the magnitude of the measured current to avoid error.

High measurement accuracy

Supports up to 1,000 Hz sampling rate, high measurement accuracy and mechanical zero setting button.

LED light

The unit is equipped with an LED light to improve visibility.

Intuitive display

Can be combined with the X-431 EURO TAB III diagnostic unit. Intuitive display of measured current and voltage waveforms and accurate detection of waveform changes.

Simple and Safe

Non-contact DC testing – as soon as a current flows, it is detected and measured at the same time.

Technical Profile


AC- and DC – measurement


9 V-Dry batter

Test Mode

Contactless measurement


1 mA AC/DC


±3% FS

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