The TLT-450 JA is a 4-post lift from LAUNCH Europe’s Premium Line.

5 t Lifting Capacity

Integrated LED Lights

Optional Wheel-Free jack

The TLT-450 JA is a 4-post lift from LAUNCH Europe’s Premium Line. With an extendable axle lift and side shift plates it is ready for wheel alignment. Note that the turntables are not included in the scope of delivery but can be purchased separately. Equipped with new LED lighting, 24V low-voltage control and an optimised synchronisation process as well as precise levelling for alignment, it offers a wide and comprehensive range of services for your workshop. With a lifting capacity of 5t and a free lift capacity of 3.5t it can lift almost any vehicle.

Technical Data

Load Capacity
5.000 kg

Total Height
2.170 mm

Total Width
3.478 mm

Total Length
6.778 mm

Max. Lifting Height
260 mm - 1.896 mm

Axle Lift
460 mm

Track Length / Width
5.190 x 550 mm

Lifting / Lowering Time
≤ 50 / ≤ 60s

Drive Power
3,0 kW

380 V

Concrete Strength
≥ 150 mm

Oil Quantity
18 l

Track Distance
840 mm

Air Supply
4 bar - 6 bar

1.520 kg

Technical Data Axle Jack


Load Capacity
3.000 kg

Lifting Height
470 mm

870 - 1.100 mm

Track Width
880 - 1.100 mm

Lifting Time
≤20 s

Lowering Time
≤10 s

110 kg

Air Supply
4 - 6 bar


Assembly Prerequisites

Scope of Delivery


TLT-450 JA Lift


Axle Lift


Operating Instructions

Optional Accessories


Axle Jack


Turntable for Wheel Alignment

Technical Drawing