What is SERMI?

Current status of SERMI certification

The conformity assessment body SERMA has the task of reviewing applications for authorisation and, following a positive test result, granting access authorisation to safety-related repair and maintenance information (RMI). In accordance with Regulation (EU) No. 2018/858, which came into force in 2020, vehicle manufacturers are obliged to grant independent operators, such as independent workshops, unrestricted and standardised access to repair and maintenance information (RMI).

The legislation stipulates that independent operators should be given access to safety-related repair and maintenance information (RMI). This is done in compliance with safety standards and safety certificates and requires that independent operators and their employees are certified for this purpose by submitting specific documents and information.

To meet this need, the “EU Forum on Access to Vehicle Information” was created in accordance with Article 13(9) of Regulation (EC) No 692/2008 and Article 66 of Regulation (EU) No 2018/858. This is intended to help independent operators to maintain and repair vehicles safely.

This requires personalised, electronic authorisation in the form of a certificate.