PFP-150 Battery Charger

The Latest Product Update

Discover the new PFP-150 – a professional 150 amp vehicle battery power supply with high performance, compact size and high quality.

The PFP-150 is used by workshops, auto electricians and car dealerships, especially for the continuous power supply of the vehicle battery during all phases of ECU reprogramming and flashing, at the request of car OEMs.

One of the outstanding features of the PFP-150 is the continuous detection of the battery condition to prevent damage from overcharging. This innovative feature ensures that your vehicle battery is always optimally protected.

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Safety during use:

In addition, the PFP-150 has integrated battery protection with automatic stop and alarm. This means that the device automatically interrupts the charging process and triggers an alarm to notify you when the battery is fully charged or a problem occurs.

With the PFP-150, you can rest assured that your vehicle battery is being charged safely and efficiently without having to worry about potential damage.

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